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Scarrows and Pickerings of Middlebrough

The Pickerings first appeared in the Scarrow family tree on 13 May 1879, when Ann Scarrow, widow of William Scarrow, Master Mariner, married George Pickering, a moulder in the steelworks. Both Ann and George were at this time resident in Workington.

Ann, with her four children (Thomas, Joseph, Mary Isabella and Jane) and George with his four children (Selina, Frederick Joseph, Thomas and Louisa) all moved to North Ormesby in around 1880. The consequence of putting un-related teenagers in the same house was for two pairs of them to marry. Thomas Scarrow married Selina Pickering on 1 May 1882, and then 11 weeks later, Frederick Joseph Pickering married Mary Isabella Scarrow on 16 July 1882.

The Pickerings had originally been based in Bishop Auckland, before George moved to Workington, presumably in search of work. George himself, was born in Bermondsey, Surrey.