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Robert Barnes Scarrow, Chief Engineer: Voyage Record

This section presents all the information discovered about Robert's voyages during his time in the Merchant Service, which started in 1905 and ended with his death at sea in 1940.

The early voyage data that has been found for Robert Barnes Scarrow has come from the applications for various engineering grades, as by the time that Robert first went to sea (1905) the register of seamen tickets had been abandoned. However, in 1913, a much simpler, though less comprehensive system, the Register of Seaman, Special Index CR10 was started.

Application for Second Class Engineer

Robert was initially employed as a 5th Engineer, for which it would appear that no certification is required. The application for 2nd Engineer grade would have been accompanied by testimonials which are shown below, and this gives a good summary of Robert's early career.

Robert Scarrow Eng 2nd Class Testimonials

Register of Seaman, Special Index CR10

Introduced in 1913, this card gives very scant information when compared to the registers of the 19th Century. However, it does give a single line of data for each ship Robert sailed on, together with a photograph. The numbers 131,287 and 124,139 are ship's official numbers, and the date beside them is the date of engagement, so the first line shows RB Scarrow was engaged on the steamer Inventor (ON 131287) from December 1918. We have yet to decipher the second line, however in November 1919 we think Robert was still working on SS Inventor. The index was discontinued in 1921.

RB Scarrow CR10 Seaman's Ticket

Register of Seaman, Central Index Numerical Series CR2

In 1921, several new indices replaced CR10, and Robert Barnes Scarrow appears in CR2, which ran until 1941 so the rest of Robert's career is summarised on it. This card gives very similar information to CR10, namely ship's official number followed by engagement date. Some of the information appears to have been added retrospectively.

RB Scarrow CR2 Seaman's Ticket

All three sources discussed so far (Application forms, CR10 and CR2) only give dates of engagement for each ship - there is no actual voyage data. The table below shows a summary of Robert Scarrow's voyages between 1905 and 1940, which have been compiled from CR10 and CR2, together with the shipping movement data contained in Lloyds List which is arranged alphabetically by ship's name on an annual basis. This data is available to view at the Caird Library of the National Maritime Museum.

A few crew lists have also been viewed, and these have come from either the National Archives or the Caird Library. The remaining 80% of crew-lists are held at the Maritime History Archive at St. Johns, Newfoundland.

Rank Ship From Dep To Arr Passage Remarks
5E Statesman Liverpool 9-Jun-1905 Calcutta 7-Jul-1905 28 Master: Louis Whidborne. A.R. Cheer sick from 24 Jun and died of heart failure on 25 Jun 1905
5E Statesman Calcutta 2-Aug-1905 Liverpool 7-Sep-1905 36 Master: Louis Whidborne
5E Statesman Liverpool 18-Sep-1905 Calcutta 24-Oct-1905 36  
5E Statesman Calcutta   Liverpool 16-Dec-1905    
5E Statesman Liverpool 23-Dec-1905 Calcutta 23-Jan-1906 31  
5E Statesman Calcutta 10-Feb-1906 London 13-Mar-1906 31  
4E Statesman Liverpool 1-Apr-1906 Calcutta 2-May-1906 31  
4E Statesman Calcutta 26-May-1906 London 27-Jun-1906 32  
4E Statesman Liverpool 17-Jul-1906 Calcutta 17-Aug-1906 31  
4E Statesman Calcutta 17-Sep-1906 London 14-Oct-1906 27  
4E Statesman Liverpool 30-Oct-1906 Calcutta 29-Nov-1906 30  
4E Statesman Calcutta 14-Dec-1906 London 14-Jan-1907 31  
4E Statesman Liverpool 4-Feb-1907 Calcutta 10-Mar-1907 34  
4E Statesman Calcutta 30-Mar-1907 London 4-May-1907 35  
4E Patrician Liverpool 19-Jul-1907 Calcutta 16-Aug-1907 28  
4E Huntsman Calcutta 24-Aug-1907 London 25-Sep-1907 32  
4E Huntsman Liverpool 9-Oct-1907 Calcutta 7-Nov-1907 29  
4E Huntsman Calcutta 30-Nov-1907 London 26-Dec-1907 26  
4E Huntsman Liverpool 9-Jan-1908 New Orleans 27-Jan-1908 18  
4E Huntsman New Orleans 8-Mar-1908 Cardiff 8-Apr-1908 31  
3E Magician Liverpool 19-Apr-1908 Calcutta 15-Jun-1908 57  
3E Magician Calcutta 9-Jul-1908 Buenos Aries 12-Sep-1908 65  
3E Magician Buenos Aries   Liverpool 18-Nov-1908    
3E Magician Liverpool 22-Nov-1908 Vera Cruz      
3E Magician Vera Cruz 17-Dec-1908 Galveston 22-Dec-1908 5  
3E Magician Galveston 29-Dec-1908 Liverpool 16-Jan-1909 18  
3E Patrician Liverpool 12-Jun-1910 Natal 8-Jul-1910 26  
3E Patrician Natal   Liverpool 7-Sep-1910    
3E Explorer Glasgow 10-Oct-1910 New Orleans 2-Nov-1910 23  
3E Explorer New Orleans   Liverpool 22-Nov-1910    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 8-Feb-1911 Mobile 19-Mar-1911 39  
2E Comedian I Mobile Alabama   Glasgow 13-Apr-1911    
2E Comedian I Glasgow 2-May-1911 New Orleans 9-Jun-1911 38  
2E Comedian I New Orleans   Liverpool 23-Jul-1911    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 5-Aug-1911 Galveston 14-Sep-1911 40  
2E Comedian I Galveston   Liverpool 19-Oct-1911    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 1-Nov-1911 Antwerp 5-Nov-1911 4  
2E Comedian I Antwerp   Liverpool 22-Nov-1911    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 28-Nov-1911 Vancouver      
2E Comedian I San Francisco   Liverpool 18-May-1912    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 1-Jun-1912 Pensacola      
2E Comedian I Pensacola   Liverpool 18-Aug-1912    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 25-Aug-1912 Belize      
2E Comedian I Belize   Liverpool 23-Oct-1912    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 28-Oct-1912 Natal      
2E Comedian I Natal   Liverpool 22-Mar-1913    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 1-Apr-1913 Antwerp 5-Apr-1913 4  
2E Comedian I Antwerp 11-Apr-1913 Liverpool 19-Apr-1913 8  
2E Comedian I Liverpool 26-Apr-1913 San Francisco      
2E Comedian I San Francisco   Liverpool 5-Oct-1913    
2E Comedian I Liverpool 14-Oct-1913 New Orleans 18-Nov-1913 35  
2E Comedian I New Orleans 5-Dec-1913 Liverpool 23-Dec-1913 18  
2E Comedian I Liverpool 3-Jan-1914 Calcutta 19-Mar-1914 75  
2E Comedian I Calcutta 6-Apr-1914 Buenos Aires 20-May-1914 44  
2E Comedian I Buenos Aires 22-Jun-1914 Liverpool 30-Jul-1914 38  
2E Inventor Liverpool 13-Aug-1914 Southampton 19-Oct-1914   Master: Robert Owen. British Expeditionary Force Service 8th Aug 1914 to 17th Jan 1917.
2E Inventor Southampton 26-Oct-1914 Cowes 6-Nov-1914   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Cowes   Southampton 17-Nov-1914   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Southampton   Cowes 5-Dec-1914   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Southampton 12-Jan-1915 Avonmouth 11-Feb-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Avonmouth 18-Feb-1915 Southampton 24-Feb-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Southampton 1-Mar-1915 Liverpool 5-May-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Liverpool   Southampton 8-May-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Southampton   Liverpool 15-May-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Liverpool   Southampton 3-Jun-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor Southampton   Cowes 3-Aug-1915   Master: Robert Owen
2E Inventor France   Cowes 31-Jul-1916   Involved in a collision on 7 Nov 1915 (reported in Lloyds List Nov 9th 1916 column 23)
2E Inventor Cowes 1-Aug-1916 Lisbon     Portuguese service from 4th Jan 1917 until 20th Sep 1917
2E Inventor Brest   Liverpool 12-Jun-1917    
2E Actor Glasgow 1-Nov-1917 Madras 27-Dec-1917 56  
2E Actor Madras 4-Jan-1918 Calcutta 8-Jan-1918 4  
2E Actor Calcutta 17-Jan-1918 Tilbury 27-Feb-1918 41  
2E Actor London 1-Mar-1918 New Orleans 7-Apr-1918 37  
2E Actor New Orleans 14-Apr-1918 New York 20-Apr-1918 6  
2E Actor New York 22-Apr-1918 Liverpool 9-May-1918 17  
2E Inventor Glasgow 15 June 1918 Galveston 7-Jul-1918 22  
2E Inventor Hampton Roads 29-Jul-1918 Liverpool 20-Aug-1918 22  
2E Inventor Liverpool 7-Sep-1918 Galveston 26-Sep-1918 19  
2E Inventor Galveston 8-Oct-1918 Hampton Roads 14-Oct-1918 6  
2E Inventor Hampton Roads 17-Oct-1918 Liverpool 6-Nov-1918 20  
2E Inventor Liverpool 1-Dec-1918 New Orleans 23-Dec-1918 22  
2E Inventor New Orleans 10-Jan-1919 Liverpool 30-Jan-1919 20  
2E Inventor Liverpool 4-Feb-1919 Gibraltar 17-Mar-1919 41  
2E Inventor Gibraltar 14-Apr-1919 New York 1-May-1919 17  
2E Inventor New York 9-May-1919 Liverpool 23-May-1919 14  
2E Inventor Liverpool 12-Jun-1919 Port Said 2-Jul-1919 20  
2E Inventor Port Said 19-Jul-1919 Calcutta 9-Aug-1919 21  
2E Inventor Calcutta   Algiers 22-Sep-1919    
2E Inventor Algiers   Liverpool 1-Oct-1919    
2E Inventor Liverpool 23-Nov-1919 Galveston      
2E Inventor Galveston   Liverpool 23-Jan-1920    
2E Inventor Liverpool 20-Feb-1920 Calcutta      
2E Inventor Calcutta   Liverpool 23-May-1920    
2E Inventor Liverpool 23-Jun-1920 Calcutta      
2E Inventor Calcutta   Tilbury 29-Sep-1920    
2E Inventor Tilbury 30-Sep-1920 New Orleans      
2E Inventor New Orleans   Liverpool 12-Dec-1920    
2E Centurian London 9-Jul-1921 Immingham 10-Jul-1921 1  
2E Centurian Immingham 13-Jul-1921 London 14-Jul-1921 1  
2E Centurian Poplar 22-Jul-1921 Barbados 12-Aug-1921 21  
2E Centurian Barbados 19-Aug-1921 Port of Spain 21-Aug-1921 2  
2E Centurian Port of Spain 31-Aug-1921 Antigua 5-Sep-1921 5  
2E Centurian Antigua 8-Sep-1921 Poplar 27-Sep-1921 19  
2E Centurian London 7-Oct-1921 Antwerp 10-Oct-1921 3  
2E Centurian Antwerp   Middlesbrough 13-Oct-1921    
2E Centurian Middlesbrough   London 20-Oct-1921    
2E Centurian London 26-Oct-1921 Beira      
2E Centurian Beira   London 22-Jan-1922    
2E Centurian London 22-Jan-1922 Antwerp      
2E Centurian Middlesbrough   London 16-Feb-1922    
2E Centurian London 24-Feb-1922 Port Natal      
2E Centurian Beira   London 29-May-1922    
  Colaba Bombay 12-Jul-1922 Rangoon      
  Colaba Rangoon   Calcutta 20-Dec-1922    
  Colaba Calcutta 2-Jan-1923 Tuticorin      
  Colaba Rangoon   Calcutta 15-Aug-1923    
  Colaba Calcutta 18-Aug-1923 Rangoon      
  Colaba Ceylon   Bombay 6-Mar-1924    
  Colaba Bombay   Calcutta 5-Apr-1924    
  Comedian II Dover 17-Jun-1924 St. Lucia      
  Comedian II St. Lucia   Glasgow 7-Sep-1924    
1E Comedian II Glasgow 25-Sep-1924 Demerara      
1E Comedian II Demerara   Liverpool 8-Dec-1924    
1E Comedian II Liverpool 29-Dec-1924 Demerara 15-Jan-1925 17 Master: A. Cadogan
1E Comedian II Demerara 23-Jan-1925 Guayacal 29-Jan-1925 6 Master: A. Cadogan
1E Comedian II Guayacal 5-Feb-1925 Newport Mews 11-Feb-1925 6 Master: A. Cadogan
1E Comedian II Newport Mews 11-Feb-1925 Liverpool 27-Feb-1925 16 Master: A. Cadogan. 22 Feb 1925 10am: Edward Lindley was knocked down on the forward deck by a heavy sea, bruising his right thigh and left knee. 22 Feb 1925 11:55am: In a severe WNW gale, John Francis Wolten, when on his way to the galley, was struck by a heavy sea and washed overboard. A life bouy was at once thrown, but nothing was seen of him in the water.
1E Songster Liverpool 5-Mar-1925 Kingston, Jamaica 22-Mar-1925 17 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Kingston, Jamaica 24-Mar-1925 New Orleans 30-Mar-1925 6 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster New Orleans 30-Mar-1925 Port of Spain 9-Apr-1925 10 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Port of Spain 22-Apr-1925 St. Lucia 25-Apr-1925 3 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster St. Lucia 28-Apr-1925 Antigua [Apr 1925]   Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Antigua [May 1925] Poplar 20-May-1925   Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Poplar 1-Jul-1925 Pointe-a-Pitre 17-Jul-1925 16 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Pointe-a-Pitre 18-Jul-1925 Barbados 20-Jul-1925 2 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Barbados 20-Jul-1925 Trinidad 23-Jul-1925 3 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Trinidad 23-Jul-1925 Demerara 25-Jul-1925 2 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Demerara 27-Jul-1925 Antigua 3-Aug-1925 7 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Antigua 7-Aug-1925 St. Kitts 8-Aug-1925 1 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster St. Kitts 11-Aug-1925 Poplar 29-Aug-1925 18 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Poplar 2-Sep-1925 Glasgow 7-Sep-1925 5 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Glasgow 12-Sep-1925 Cardiff 15-Sep-1925 3 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Cardiff 16-Sep-1925 Barbados 3-Oct-1925 17 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Barbados 3-Oct-1925 Port of Spain 5-Oct-1925 2 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Port of Spain 8-Oct-1925 Demerara 12-Oct-1925 4 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster Demerara 17-Oct-1925 New Orleans 27-Oct-1925 10 Master: J. Jackson
1E Songster New Orleans 31-Oct-1925 Liverpool 24-Nov-1925 24 Master: J. Jackson
1E Traveller Liverpool 11-Apr-1926 Kingston, Jamaica      
1E Traveller Puerto Mexico   Liverpool 7-Jul-1926    
1E Traveller Liverpool 31-Jul-1926 Demerara      
1E Traveller Galveston   Liverpool 14-Oct-1926    
1E Traveller Liverpool 5-Nov-1926 Demerara      
1E Traveller Demerara   Liverpool 15-Jan-1927    
1E Traveller Liverpool 30-Jan-1927 Kingston, Jamaica      
1E Traveller New Orleans   Liverpool 13-Apr-1927    
1E Traveller Liverpool 23-Apr-1927 P. Cortes (Honduras)      
1E Traveller P. Cortes (Honduras)   London 29-Jun-1927    
1E Traveller London 11-Jul-1927 Antwerp      
1E Traveller Middlesbrough   London 26-Jul-1927    
1E Traveller London 30-Jul-1927 Table Bay      
1E Traveller Beira   Liverpool 30-Oct-1927    
1E Traveller Liverpool 5-Nov-1927 Antwerp      
1E Traveller Shields   London 24-Nov-1927    
1E Traveller London 30-Dec-1927 Port Natal      
1E Traveller Port Natal   Liverpool 8-Mar-1928    
1E Traveller Liverpool 4-Apr-1928 Hamburg      
1E Traveller Middlesbrough   London 19-Apr-1928    
1E Traveller London 25-Apr-1928 Beira      
1E Traveller Beira 15-Jun-1928 Port Natal 21-Jun-1928 6  
1E Traveller Port Natal 27-Jun-1928 Liverpool 6-Aug-1928 40  
1E Traveller Liverpool 5-Sep-1928 Salvador 7-Oct-1928 32  
1E Traveller Salvador 17-Oct-1928 Liverpool 9-Nov-1928 23  
1E Auditor Liverpool 15-Feb-1929 Glasgow 23-Feb-1929 8  
1E Auditor Glasgow 27-Feb-1929 Liverpool 28-Feb-1929 1  
1E Intombi London 6-Mar-1929 Trinidad      
1E Intombi Trinidad   Liverpool 12-May-1929    
1E Intombi Liverpool 26-Jun-1929 Belize      
1E Intombi Belize   London 24-Aug-1929    
1E Intombi London 13-Sep-1929 Middlesbrough 14-Sep-1929 1  
1E Intombi Middlesbrough 21-Sep-1929 London 22-Sep-1929 1  
1E Intombi London 1-Oct-1929 Port Natal 29-Oct-1929 28  
1E Intombi Port Natal 4-Nov-1929 Algoa 29-Nov-1929 25  
1E Intombi Algoa 4-Dec-1929 Liverpool 10-Jan-1930 37  
1E Intombi Liverpool 19-Jan-1930 Port Natal      
1E Intombi Algoa   Liverpool 4-May-1930    
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 1-Jul-1930 Calcutta 31-Jul-1930 30  
1E Wayfarer Calcutta 13-Aug-1930 Liverpool 21-Sep-1930 39  
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 25-Sep-1930 Galveston 14-Oct-1930 19  
1E Wayfarer Galveston 4-Nov-1930 Liverpool 26-Nov-1930 22  
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 11-Dec-1930 Demerara 7-Jan-1931 27  
1E Wayfarer Demerara 16-Jan-1931 London 6-Feb-1931 21  
1E Wayfarer London 18-Mar-1931 Middlesbrough 19-Mar-1931 1  
1E Wayfarer Middlesbrough 9-Apr-1931 Table Bay 4-May-1931 25  
1E Wayfarer Table Bay 19-May-1931 Gerald 15-Jun-1931 27  
1E Wayfarer Gerald 27-Jun-1931 Port Natal 16-Jul-1931 19  
1E Wayfarer Port Natal   Liverpool 13-Aug-1931    
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 3-Oct-1931 Calcutta 1-Nov-1931 29  
1E Wayfarer Calcutta   Manchester 16-Jan-1932    
1E Wayfarer Manchester 11-Feb-1932 Hamburg 15-Feb-1932 4  
1E Wayfarer Hamburg   Middlesbrough 15-Feb-1932    
1E Wayfarer Middlesbrough 27-Feb-1932 Beira 8-Apr-1932 41  
1E Wayfarer Beira 18-Apr-1932 Liverpool 22-May-1932 34  
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 22-Jul-1932 Calcutta 21-Aug-1932 30  
1E Wayfarer Calcutta 11-Sep-1932 Liverpool 22-Oct-1932 41  
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 1-Nov-1932 New Orleans 27-Nov-1932 26  
1E Wayfarer New Orleans 30-Nov-1932 Liverpool 19-Dec-1932 19  
1E Wayfarer Liverpool 23-Dec-1932 Part      
1E Wayfarer Part   Liverpool 30-Jan-1933    
1E Historian Manchester 10-Feb-1933 Demerara      
1E Historian Trinidad   Teeside 17-Apr-1933    
1E Historian Teeside 25-Apr-1933 Beira      
1E Historian Port Natal   Liverpool 26-Jul-1933    
1E Historian Liverpool 16-Sep-1933 Cabedello      
1E Historian Brazil   Liverpool 4-Dec-1933    
1E Auditor Liverpool 10-Jan-1934 Calcutta      
1E Auditor Calcutta   Liverpool 8-Apr-1934    
1E Auditor Liverpool 5-May-1934 Galveston 10-Jun-1934 36  
1E Auditor Tampico 17-Jun-1934 Liverpool 13-Jul-1934 26  
1E Auditor Liverpool 22-Jul-1934 Calcutta 17-Aug-1934 26  
1E Auditor Calcutta 17-Sep-1934 Liverpool 21-Oct-1934 34  
1E Auditor Liverpool 15-Nov-1934 Calcutta 17-Dec-1934 32  
1E Auditor Calcutta   Liverpool 9-Feb-1935    
1E Auditor Liverpool 2-Mar-1935 Calcutta      
1E Auditor Karachi   Liverpool 1-Jun-1935    
1E Auditor Liverpool 28-Jun-1935 Belize      
1E Auditor New Orleans   Liverpool 22-Sep-1935    
1E Auditor Manchester 5-Oct-1935 Calcutta 18-Nov-1935 44  
1E Auditor Calcutta 7-Dec-1935 Port Natal 25-Dec-1935 18  
1E Auditor Port Natal 28-Dec-1935 Santos 16-Jan-1936 19  
1E Auditor Santos 22-Jan-1936 Liverpool 24-Mar-1936 62  
1E Auditor Liverpool 4-Apr-1936 Cristobal 25-Apr-1936 21  
1E Auditor Cristobal   New Orleans 17-May-1936    
1E Auditor New Orleans   Manchester 21-Jun-1936    
1E Auditor Manchester 28-Jun-1936 Calcutta 13-Aug-1936 46  
1E Auditor Calcutta   Liverpool 12-Oct-1936    
1E Auditor Liverpool 24-Oct-1936 Calcutta 25-Nov-1936 32  
1E Auditor Calcutta   Liverpool 12-Jan-1937    
1E Auditor Liverpool 29-Jan-1937 Trinidad 17-Feb-1937 19  
1E Auditor St. Johns Antigua   Greenock 26-Mar-1937    
1E Auditor Greenock 5-Apr-1937 Liverpool 6-Apr-1937 1  
1E Auditor Liverpool 10-Apr-1937 Calcutta 10-May-1937 30  
1E Auditor Colombo   Liverpool 6-Jul-1937    
1E Auditor Liverpool 11-Jul-1937 Manchester 12-Jul-1937 1  
1E Auditor Liverpool 4-Sep-1937 Trinidad 20-Sep-1937 16  
1E Auditor Trinidad   Mobile Alabama 24-Oct-1937    
1E Auditor Mobile   Liverpool 16-Nov-1937    
1E Auditor Liverpool 24-Nov-1937 Demerara 7-Jan-1938 44  
1E Auditor Demerara   Liverpool 1-Mar-1938    
1E Auditor Liverpool 18-Mar-1938 Barbados 2-Apr-1938 15  
1E Auditor Barbados   Liverpool 13-Jun-1938    
1E Auditor Liverpool 30-Jun-1938 Kingston, Jamaica 27-Jul-1938 27  
1E Auditor Kingston, Jamaica   Liverpool 15-Sep-1938    
1E Auditor Liverpool 24-Sep-1938 Belize 20-Oct-1938 26  
1E Auditor Belize   New Orleans 24-Oct-1938    
1E Auditor New Orleans   Manchester 9-Dec-1938    
1E Auditor Liverpool 24-Dec-1938 Trinidad 16-Jan-1939 23  
1E Auditor Trinidad 23-Jan-1939 Guantanamo 27-Jan-1939 4  
1E Auditor Guantanamo   Hull 4-Mar-1939    
1E Scientist Middlesbrough 14-Mar-1939 Durban      
1E Scientist Lourenco Marques   Liverpool 9-Jun-1939    
1E Scientist Liverpool 24-Jun-1939 Durban      
1E Scientist Durban   Glasgow 9-Oct-1939    
1E Scientist Liverpool 27-Feb-1940 Durban      
1E Scientist Durban   Sunk 3-May-1940   Vessel was en-route to Freetown, Sierra Leone when it was intercepted and sunk by KMS Atlantis of 3rd May 1940. See separate account here.


A more detailed description of Robert's voyages, which includes the names of all the other crew members transcribed from crew lists can be found here.

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