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Thomas Scarrow versus Carlisle Council 1817-1818

The letter transcribed below relates to Thomas Scarrow erecting cellar steps in front of his property without permission of the Council. He freely admits to the transgression, whilst showing no desire to remove the said steps. Quite how this was ultimately resolved remains a mystery.

Thomas Scarrow - Letter to Carlisle Mayor

Thomas Scarrow, letter to Carlisle Council 1816Whereas the Mayor, Aldermen, Bailiffs and Citizens of the City of Carlisle did on, or about, the 2nd day of May 1817 cause notice in writing to be given to me, Thomas Scarrow of the City of Carlisle, Spirit Merchant, to remove the stairs lately made and erected by me in front of my premises in English Street, Carlisle and also to fill up the excavation made by me in the said street - a duplicate of which said notice is herewith annexed. And whereas the said Mayor, Aldermen, Bailiffs and Citizens have since commenced an action against me in his Majesty's Court of Kings Bench at Westminster for the said trespass and nuisance, which said action I have confessed and signed a cognovit therein bearing even date herewith, and the said Mayor, Aldermen , Bailiffs and Citizens have consented to stay proceedings in the said action and to permit and suffer me to continue in the use and occupation of the said cellar stairs as tenant at will, upon my signing the acknowledgement or declaration hereinafter contained. Now therefore I, the said Thomas Scarrow, do hereby acknowledge and declare that the said cellar stairs and the doors covering the same are placed and fixed in, and upon, the soil and freehold of the said Mayor, Aldermen, Bailiffs and Citizens, and that the same are held and enjoyed by me only by the permission and during the pleasure of the said Mayor, Aldermen , Bailiffs and Citizens and their successors, and that I have no other right, title of interest in or to the same. As witness my hand this 21st day of July in the year of our Lord 1818.

Signed Thomas Scarrow (Junior)

Witness S Saul

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