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Scarrow Hill 2004

Scarrowhill, Cumberland, 2004


Scarrowhill is a small hamlet in the parish of Cumwhitton, to the south east of Carlisle.

Thomas Dentons Perambulation of Cumberland (1687-88) gives description of Scarrowhill:

Scarrowhill is a small hamlet in this parish [Cumwhitton], so called from a scarr or rock wheron it stands. The inhabitants here are freeholders. Here dwells a gentleman of that name [Scarrow], who is of an ancient familie, who hath an estate here worth 40li a year.

Scarrowhill 2004

Scarrowhill, Cumberland, 2004


In the book 'Mediaeval Fortified Buildings of Cumbria' by Denis R Periam and John Robinson 1998, there is a reference to a stonehouse at Scarrowhill. The source is the Gilsland survey undertaken in 1603:

The Morefoote. Anthonie Scarrowe a stonehouse

The record of a stonehouse at Scarrowhill meant that there was a building with stone walls greater than 3ft thick, implying that it was a bastle (fortified farmhouse) or defensible building.

The map below shows the occupants of Scarrowhill in 1603, the data source again being the Gilsland Survey. As well as Anthonie Scarrow's stonehouse at Scarrowhill (grey building top right of photo) there were also stonehouses at Fitsgartholme (Robert Scarrow) and The Holme (Robert Earle).

Scarrow Hill Map 1603

The map below shows Hornsby, which is South East of Scarrowhill in 1603 - back then it was called Ormesby. Anthonie Scarrow's stonehouse is shown again as the grey building on the left.

Map of Hornsby near Scarrowhill 1603

The table below is a key to the name abbreviations:

AG Anthonie Greme
AN Anthonie Nicholson
AS Anthonie Scarrow
CA Christopher Atkinson
EM (late) Elizabeth Mires
JA John Atkinson
JH John Hall
HA Hugh Atkinson
JM John Milburne
LP (late) Patenson
RB Robert Burthom
RH Robert Hodson
TP Thomas Person
WW William Wallis

For the complete picture of Scarrowhill, including Ormesby and Norskue, click here, which will open the picture in a new window.

Scarrow Hill, Naworth, Cumbria

There is also a second Scarrow Hill in Cumberland, and this a house is at Naworth, a few miles east of Carlisle and near to Brampton. It is assumed that the origin of this name comes from Scar Row, as in the locality also exists Low Row, Middle Row and High Row. The history of Scarrow Hill, near Brampton can be seen here.